Rise of the Vampire Brethren

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Alicia Scarborough

As a child, Alicia Scarborough's family would often find her acting out stories that she had envisioned for her toy ponies. Her mom and sisters admit that they would carefully sneak by her room to hear the conclusion of her riveting tales. Stories have always held a special place in Alicia's heart, and as she grew up, she continued to hone her craft. Alicia makes it a personal goal of hers to up the stakes with her characters every chance that she gets.

In her tween years Alicia grew up in the beautiful Sierra Mountains in the small town of Tehachapi, California. Because houses were far apart, a bike or car was necessary for visiting friends. So instead Alicia would use her imagination to come up with interesting stories to bide her time. By the time she was 13, her family moved and settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives today.

With a Masters of Fine Arts in Interactive Media and Game Design, Alicia is able to take those skills and apply them to creating more engaging creative stories. A good game always has a story to it, and she makes it a priority to ensure that the story is present in the games she helps design.

Working fulltime as a Senior Product Engineer, Alicia's job involves using both technical and creative skills. On her off-hours she can be found drawing with charcoals, painting with watercolors, reading stories, writing, or learning new and interesting things.

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