Lost to You

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Kevin Farran

Hi, thank you for venturing onto my small patch of beach, where I am but one grain of sand among billions of others on our tiny planet.
I am a lover of Great Danes, road cycling, and classic cars. I split my time between solitary literary pursuits, working with my designer wife on home restorations and supporting our son’s football careers. I am a wanderer. My boys and lovely partner of almost four decades, have been dragged from one adventure to another. Much in the same way I was as a youth. I was born in Barotseland formerly part of Northern Rhodesia and now a reluctant part of Zambia. Through many countries in North America , the Orient and Europe I have now (temporarily) come to rest in Spain. When wandering, a vast array of abilities becomes stowed in one’s baggage, my rumpled duffle bag is no different. From performing Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams, to teaching and heavy equipment operation, even to pig and dairy farms, high-end restaurants and period home renovation, all add spice to the dish that is me. 
(One thinks too many chefs ruin the dish?)
Perhaps – it is what it is. I dwell in possibility.
That is why I love to engage stories and explore what might ‘be.’ I hope you enjoy the journey, we are all in search of
'the great perhaps.'