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Anupam Roy

anupam roy is a poet and author based in murshidabad, near kolkata in  india. his poems speak of people and sometimes of nature. sometimes they express the small emotions and feelings of human beings; they talk about love.

love catches him in different colors. sometimes, love is to him to love one's country. to him, working for one's nation and its people is patriotism. the place of patriotism rises above all self-sacrifice. his desire for this patriotism is eternal.

sometimes his love is to find a little bit of peace in the lap of nature. he feels with soul the joy of making himself a part of nature by lying in the soft bed of nature. a big part of his personality is his love of nature. this love seems to have started with his touching the ground of his childhood.

after all, the love between men and women is also captured in his writings. necklace heart is such an attempt where love and estrangement have found a place side by side. Poetry expresses the feelings of the poet and the poet of the human mind. The various movements of the human mind have found a place throughout much of his poetry.