Tears in a Jar

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R.A. Fein

Tears in a Jar is the beginning of a story that may be continued into other books. It's a story about battling the dead, slaying dragons, and vanquishing kings. Tears in a Jar is my first book, and it is a memoir that took me 8 years to write. A lot of the writing I did, helped me to gain clarity in how to rebuild myself and my life from the shattering that occurred. It was not written lightly, and I tried to be kind even to the people that were unkind to me in the book. I changed the names of almost all the characters to protect the not so innocent. I even changed names of places in the book. I wrote this memoir to assist those dealing with family courts, and with the hopes of bringing change to the family court system by reaching the professionals. 

Unfortunately, my experience is becoming more common as the years tick by, and I am always amazed at the number of people I meet who tell me similar stories when they hear about my own. Please know if you're suffering with this particular set of problems, there is light on the other side of that long, dark tunnel. 

I love to write. Writing brings a unique opportunity to connect with people and I love doing that, whether my writing is academic or non-academic.