Clouds Before Rain

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Marco Etheridge

Marco Etheridge is an eccentric world traveler and writer living in Vienna, Austria. He is the author of The Dark Rain Series, a riveting and original tale of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. This post-apocalyptic saga opens with the novella "Clouds Before Rain" and continues in the full-length novel "The Best Dark Rain: A Post Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and Love." Marco's second novel, "Blood Rust Chains," is a stand-alone novel, set in Portland, Oregon. "Blood Rust Chains" was released in 2018. Marco's third novel, a political satire thriller, is complete and awaiting publication. He is hard at work on other projects, including a fourth novel, a three-act play, and a children's book.

Marco's novels lead the reader on intricate literary journeys through different genres. With attention to detail and thoughtful prose, Marco builds immersive worlds crafted to house distinct and diverse characters. Always character and dialogue driven, Marco's novels captivate the readers with dark charm and unforeseen plot hooks.

Though born in the USA, Marco considers himself a citizen of the world. Love carried him across the Atlantic Ocean to Vienna, Austria; and love holds him there. The long and winding pathway that has led to writing novels is one of varied experience. Marco has been a soldier, a commercial fisherman, a wanderer, and a jack-of-all-trades. His feet have happily trod the soil of over thirty countries; a wandering path over four continents and the odd sub-continent. The world is his playground and his fellow citizens are his playmates.

Marco's antidote for everything is to throw some gear in his faithful Deuter backpack and disappear. An avid traveler, and a complete street-food junkie, there is nothing he won't try. Munching wok-roasted spiders in Cambodia? Absolutely. How about a four-course meal in Bangkok’s Chinatown, with each course from a different street stall? He is there! If you are interested in tall tales of travel, please check out Marco's travel blog at: