Open the Door, Let the Sun In

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About the author

Sarah Spookychild

I am a writing fanatic. I can’t turn off my brain. Even while writing one story, my brain has already come up with another. I have so many ideas in me. I was writing before I was married, but my ex-husband smashed my computer because he was jealous I wasn’t writing about him. I stopped writing for eight years because of him. I thought I couldn’t write anymore. I write more than I did before I was married. I am a single mom to three boys. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. In public places, I disassociate and cannot relax. I have been told I am probably on the spectrum but have never been tested. I write about these things because they are my life. 
I love my children and animals. I worked for the hospital for seven years. I prefer to write stories incorporating one or more of my experiences, whether physical or mental. I tend to write happy ending.