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Sho Okumoto

Hello everyone!! My name is Sho Okumoto. I am a Japanese/New Zealander. Born in Taiwan (both parents are Japanese) and after my parents divorced me and my mother moved to New Zealand when I was 6years old. I started as a horse trekking guide at the age of 13years old and at 14years old I entered into the Automotive Industry as a part-timer, as well as working at the supermarket at the weekends. The Automotive Industry was a part-time job for the holidays except for the supermarket where I worked after schools and in the holidays. At the age of 16years old, I decided to become a full-time worker in the Automotive Industry. I am a qualified Automotive Refinisher of over 10years of experience. From there I have traveled for 9years and worked in many other different industries in different companies and different countries. I have worked in New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan. Now I am an entrepreneur, self-publishing author on motivational and inspirational quote books to help people to get the boost they need to pursue their passions and get life inspiration to have a positive mindset and positive attitude towards their goals. I am also writing more fiction novels as well. I write action-packed adventure, thriller, crime fiction novels, all involving the ruthless yakuza! Follow my page and enjoy my books!! More to come!