Hymn Of The Dandelion

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About the author

Judy Abualhassan

Judy Abualhassan has resided the world of the arts for so many years. She first knew of her creative
ambitions the instant she held the paper and its pencil, for she drew and drew until she knew it was
time to widen her mastery’s horizon. Relatively enough, the branch of literature captivated her most,
and so she wrote; with the brilliance of Virgil, Alighieri, Shakespeare, and Poe, she wrote. At the age of
ten, she obeyed her drive and began with short stories and incomplete novels, but at twelve, when she
wrote her first poetic stanzas, she fell in deep adornment with the way the words danced and mirrored
one another with their rhythmic esteem. She favored the power she beheld as she mended the lettering
to her primal satiation. And, whose spirits whispered were that of Oscar, William, and Keats. “Hymn
of the Dandelion” tells tales of tragedy, romance, sin, and perishment galore. Serving to honor her
name, this book will know to honor its own as its lores stand proudly in their moral words. “Hymn of
the Dandelion” tells tales that wept, slept, and remained content in Judy’s mind, and to her readers it
shall comply with its ways.