The Billionaire's Fake Diamond

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About the author

Catarina Rothschild

Soft, sensual and brimming with passion. Catarina Rothschild is a spoken word artist who focuses on mature, romantic stories. The tantalizing tales that she weaves paint a vivid picture of seductive situations in a way so intimate it feels like we’re right there with her. 

Filled with dark, disruptive themes, she focuses on S&M and the edgier side of romance. Her first album embodies everything she’s all about. Raw, real and overflowing with steamy, shocking scenarios. She hopes to give her listeners a homely place of belonging where they can get in touch with their darkest fantasies. Having thoroughly explored the world of erotica, she’s well versed in every aspect of it and brings a level of potent realism that can’t be found anywhere else. She’s seen first hand the seedier, more grittier parts of life and hopes to bring this level of rawness into her work.

Growing up in Mexico City’s most affluent area, the thirty-eight year old artist took an unconventional path in life to say the least. She spent years as an international erotic dancer and traveled to North America to wow men far and wide. Many of these men said she had a gorgeous voice. She decided to use this to her advantage and got into romantic spoken work. Her soothing sounds blur the line between the luscious romanticism of artists like Kate Bush with the vivid, icy landscapes of acts like Soft Cell. She see’s spoken word as the best way of telling stories and really creates entire worlds in her work. Outside of this she writes billionaire romance novels and has grown a global following for her sensual works.