En el Principio del Fin


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About the author

Aneisi Hernández Ruiz

Aneisi Hernández Ruiz is a Cuban-American writer of novels, stories, and phrases.

For more than twelve years she has studied and researched in depth to produce this work, with the aim of letting readers know a little more about the great mysteries of God and humanity; through the fiction and reality that the novel contains.

She participated in several literary workshops at the Casa de Cultura de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba, taught by Yamil Díaz Gómez, writer, editor, journalist, and professor; where she learned about literature, narrative and writing forms.

Her novels are characterized by simultaneously being written in the style of two narrators.

All her works, even if they are modern, fantastic, or futuristic, contain a critical, deep, and drastic impact on different societies worldwide.