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Author | Optimistologist | Believer.

The Writer - Creativity, imagination, structure, discipline, patience, long wait times, writes, rewrites, again rewrites, and then to see the last two words ‘The End’ makes it all worth it.

Completed Works – One Completed Novel, 138000 words.  It’s currently with a Literary Agent in reading stages. Two completed screenplays which were shortlisted twice at Mumbai Mantra Sundance Screenwriting Contest. Also, one of the stories was shortlisted in the top 100 stories at Mumbai Mantra India Contest last year.

Personal Brief - Born and brought up in Mumbai, he spent around 20+ years in the city of dreams; as a kid and then later as a working professional. Much later moved to Bangalore. Diversified experience in sales, marketing, operations management with high people interactions. Serious writing started in 2005 when he joined a new organization to lead a team and soon I was on the bench.  Has worked on his first work since then and finally completed the novel in the year 2015. It was tiring but relentless. Since then completed two screenplays and developed concepts on eight more novels.

“Writing is surely rewarding. But can you keep at it till it does” – Gurruraj Dhankss