Death By Sitting: Why We Need A Movement Revolution

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Eric Soehngen, MD

Eric Soehngen, MD, PhD, FAWM is a board certified physician, researcher and company owner. Medically, he is dedicated to researching the health effects of lack of exercise in the workplace. He is considered the founder and inventor of the successful "WORK AND WALK" concept. In 2017, with his company WALKOLUTION, he launched the world's first active medical research-based workstation system that enables users to keep moving naturally while they work. Together with renowned experts in the fields of ergonomics, evolutionary biology and the life sciences, his interest lies in the health and neurocognitive optimization of the workplace of the future. A concept that focuses on movement as the fundamental right of man and recognizes it as a medical necessity. As a mountaineer and trail runner, he finds his personal dose of exercise in the Alps of his Bavarian home.