The Ocean's Madness

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About the author

Yesenia Faye

Yesenia Faye hails from the grubby streets of New York City. Born and raised in Queen, she’s always had a love for reading and writing that manifested itself in poetry and short stories throughout her years in school. But as she grew older and lost herself in the social tides of High School, she began to question who she really was. Many paths were taken in her search for self, until finally, years later in college, she discovered her burning passion to capture and share her many fantasies.

An avid day dreamer, Yesenia is always dreaming ahead to stories yet untold. She brought writing back into her life with the purpose of expressing her internal emotions and needs, while also hoping to connect with others who share that chaotic imbalance of yearning and heartbreak. 

Poetry and prose became her main source of release and adventure; Yesenia would love nothing more than to create many new worlds to explore with her readers.