Breaking Point

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Alexander grew up in southern California, south of Los Angeles till around the age of 17. Then moved to silver lake for about four years. While at the age of ten he got his heart broken seeing the girl he really adored at the time and this lead him to ponder why some man attract women and other do not. A few month’s later he became sexually active and this lead him into a world of sexuality at a very young age. Growing up with only women he  got accustom to being around women. When he got into middle school paying less attention to school and more into sports and girls this got him into trouble.

In middle school he was rather into all type of sports from baseball, football, and basketball. At a young age he noticed that women tended to pay attention to some males and not others. This let him into psychology and trying to understand the human nature; which still fascinates him till this day. Even thought he was an athlete he had a high inclination for books and actually loves the intellectual acquiring knowledge. During this point he had a this inclination to help other guys when they had a hard time with women.

During high school not much changed getting involved with sports and still inclined and attracted by women. The pattern merged where he became more fascinated with intercourse and relationships due to the excitement that came with relationships. At the age of seventeen this brought him to get into big trouble which affected his life in many ways. At the age was when he was moved to silver lake and found himself in a different place and different people which brought him to be more intrigued in sociology.

During the peroid he became more of an avid reader and this became to widen his perspective and was transferred to a police academy school. This showed him that there was more possibilities out there such as following his passions and not just working for someone which he detests. He founded a sex and relationship business which is growing at this moment. He found it intriguing how one event could literally shape and move you into a certain direction.