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T. R. Robinson

It never occurred to T. R. Robinson to become an author until, through hearing other people’s tales, she came to appreciate her life and that of her ancestors had been anything but normal or run-of-the-mill. Nevertheless, as someone of a private disposition and not wishing to expose others, even if they deserved it, to public exposure, she remained reluctant for many years. However, the more she heard the more she felt it incumbent upon her to share, especially as she could see how their experiences had the potential to prove helpful to others who had been through or were enduring similar circumstances. T. R. therefore commenced by publishing a series of abridged memoirs depicting what she and her ancestors had been thorough and how most of them, but sadly not all, had survived. Once published T. R. came to understand how some of the backstories would make interesting, often entertaining, books. Consequently she has gone on to publish some novels and a series of short stories.
T. R. Robinson is essentially an ordinary woman though one who has had to endure a lot of negativity in her life. Nonetheless, she still has a sense of humour and is able to see the funny side in many of life’s events. She has an infinity with animals, both wild and domestic, loves gardening and enjoys visiting places of natural beauty and historic interest. So as to provide for her son and herself T. R. has undertaken varied employments including laboratory assistant, night hospital orderly, machinist, barmaid, waitress and many more. Now, having seen her son grow into a respectful man, her primary occupation is authoring. An enduring characteristic that amuses and frustrates those who care about T. R. is her continuing innocence and naivety. She still trusts and tries to see the good despite all she has been through in life. Most agree, though this may sometimes compromise, they really would prefer her not to lose those refreshing attributes.

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