Voyage of the Silver Dawn

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About the author

Ged Maybury

Ged Maybury is an Australasian author of children's and YA novelist, with 14 books conventionally published (not counting this series) and a lot more in the pipeline.

Finalist - NZ Children's Book Awards 1994: “The Triggerstone”

Finalist - NZ Children's Book Awards 2001: “Crab Apples”

He began 1994 in his favourite genre: Science Fiction, later adding comedy and slice-of-life, and finally returned to his sci-fi roots with Steampunk.

This series is aimed at young adults and anyone else who likes an engaging adventure, but as far as any full-on “adult” content goes: well that's just not his thing. (Okay – there's a bit of it.)

He was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and grew up in Dunedin; dux of his school; blah-blah-blah … Went into architecture, ended up in the performing arts and has been writing plays, poetry and books ever since. He also has earned some notoriety as a Cosplayer and Costumer, Steampunk Sculptor, Performance Poet and Story-teller. Occasionally he writes plays and films. Even more occasionally they get produced.

WORLD-FIRST: Maybury lays claim to the world's first custom-written theme-song to a book.

He currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. He has a blog and a Wikipedia entry, and is on Facebook.