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John Parham

I was born in California in 1949, lived in Arkansas most of my life and now retired to the sunny beaches of Florida. I have been a cherry picker, welder and CEO of a computer technology company. And now an author.

I graduated with a BA in Journalism and finishing my first book, The Binding. The Binding characters include 5,000 year old telepathic cat Bastet, Starman Ra and Mindy the Voodoo Queen.

I created the Short Story series Cat Chronicles with the first story The Old Man and The Three Legged Goat.

My Flash Fiction short story Town That Dreaded Halloween recently won a national writing contest. This story was selected to be read on the 2018 Halloween Special Edition AIARWIP podcast.

I have been married to Mindy for 25 years and been in love with her for about 50. And no she is not a Voodoo Queen!

We travel with two independent cats, Juno and Loco. Juno was the inspiration for Bastet and Loco will be in the next book.

Oh, and I think it should be noted for the past 50 years I have been known as Crazy. I think it goes well with my stories!