British Intelligence and the Formation Of a Policy Toward Russia, 1917-18: Missing Dimension or Just Missing?

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Darvin Babiuk

"I have lived more places than Sinbad the Sailor."


Indeed, I have lived in every province in Canada -- other than the Maritime region -- and ten overseas countries.


International spy? Much more prosaic than that. Working as a trainer for Oil and Gas operations in the Middle East (including around Sinbad’s home port of Basra), North Africa and Asia, alternated with instructing at a variety of North American universities, has necessitated it. Along the way, I have picked up sensibilities from numerous cultures and have taken the opportunity to write about them. Along with being a columnist for newspapers in Japan and Ontario, I have written a variety of fiction and non-fiction in periodicals, journals and online sites. My written works are housed in the national archives of both Canada and Japan.