Flotsam: Book One of the Peridot Shift, Second Ed.

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About the author

R J Theodore

R J Theodore (they/she) is an author, graphic designer, and all-around collector of creative endeavors and hobbies. They enjoy writing about magic-infused technologies, first contact events, and bioluminescing landscapes.
Their love of SFF storytelling developed through grabbing for anything-and-everything “unicorn” as a child, but later was subverted by tales of distant solar systems when their brother introduced them to Star Trek: The Next Generation at age seven. A few years later, Sailor Moon taught them stories can have both.
Their short fiction has appeared in MetaStellar, Lightspeed, and Fireside Magazines as well as the Glitter + Ashes, Bridge to Elsewhere, Crooked V.2, and Unfettered Hexes anthologies. An upcoming story will print in Luminescent Machinations from Neon Hemlock Press. 
They live in New England, haunted by their childhood cat.
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