Planning Your First Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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About the author

Cassandra Johnson

A recovering stay-at-home mom to three children, Cassandra enjoys traveling, golfing, gourmet cooking, hiking, eating cheese, drinking wine, watching Dr. Phil and making fun of people in general (in that order).

Oftentimes you can find her contemplating why she is lefthanded when she writes and uses a fork, but can only play sports righthanded.

Despite a fear of heights, she once walked all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. She's also very good at the Heimlich maneuver. She hopes she never needs to either one of those things again.

Her awkward childhood and questionable parenting style provide her with material for both her therapy sessions and her writing. She hopes you enjoy her work and that you will let her know if you find a typo. Please tweet at her at @aclevergirl during normal business hours.