The Philosophy of Sadness

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About the author

Nabila Fairuz

As can be guessed from this book, Nabila Fairuz is an author. Though she generally writes about women around the age of twenty or twenty-one having adventures on land, sea, or other-worldly dimensions, from time to time she likes to challenge herself into writing poetries and short stories. Her debut novel, titled “The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar,” came out in 2016. She can be tracked down hiding in one of the cities in Canada, knee deep in snow, hot chocolate in hand, and nose buried in her laptop.

When she is not lamenting about not having enough time to read the twenty-two unread books on her to-be-read pile, she can be found on Instagram (@n_fairuzr) wasting time which could have been spent reading those twenty-two books. Catch her there and on her Facebook page if you want to read some quirky haiku. Or, check out her website at