For Strippers Only

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Talita Catto

Talita Catto, an exotic dancer with 10 years of experience, knows what it takes to be successful at making a real business out of dancing for money. She has made an art out of learning how to avoid the issues that cause most strippers to fail and while making a lot of money while doing so.

​​​​​Originally a nurse in Brazil and then an au pair in the U.S., Talita has worked to make a name for herself throughout the strip club industry. She has proven to club owners, dancers and clientele that making the right decisions, no matter what profession one chooses, can lead to success, happiness and extreme wealth.

In For Strippers Only, Talita shares her life lessons. She sells her clothing in-store and online – once again demonstrating that the future is bright for strippers who "do it right".    Learn more at