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David Bergsland

It all began with the great rebellion of the sixties. Ending up as a fine artist and heavy user of pot and acid, I needed help. I met Jesus in 1974. The Lord gave me a Godly woman for my wife in 1976. I became a graphic designer, font designer, and desktop publisher. In 1991, I began teaching printing and digital publishing. That resulted in writing dozens of books and booklets about this, using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. In 2009, I began the transformation into an author of fiction. By 2021, I had 13 novels in four series, as I have developed my craft. There are more coming, including this one.
I’m using Christian contemporary speculative fiction to speak about the reality of how Jesus touches lives, while being strongly focused upon Biblical truth. I attempt to reveal Jesus within a realistic world sharing my experiences. The goal is to reveal Jesus as a loving Creator building people into what they are designed to be. I currently assume time is running short, and the final harvest is here.