Love Yourself and Intermittent Fasting: 21 Day Plan for Learning "Self-Love" and 7 effective Techniques of Intermittent Fasting

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Stephen Fleming

Welcome to my profile!
Here’s my story:
I am a Consultant (Technology and Project Management) in mid-thirties with a Bachelor in Engineering & Master in Business Management. I have worked in the areas of IT Advisory & Roadmap and Project Management for transformational projects. Currently, I am working for the public sector in e-Governance space and trying to take the benefits of technology to masses through innovation and customization. This aspect of disruptive technology beyond regular discussions/implementation excites me. I am always looking for that case study in South America, Africa or Asia where the rules of the game have been changed to serve the massive scale of the problem!
On the personal front, last 10 years have been a roller coaster ride managing career and family. Now my son has started going to school and daily routine is balanced and in control. So I decided to launch my upgraded version! (I.e. I realigned my goals in the areas of Mindset, Career and passive income streams).
Other than Technology, I have been always inquisitive about the humane factors leading to success/failure. I always enjoyed the role of a career advisor, a motivator in my organization and university. 

I have been working consistently and most importantly enjoying my current phase of life and growth. With all the experience and renewed vigor, I am sure to achieve my goals in stipulated time frame. I decided to jot down my learning and experiences along the way and share it with you.
Will See You Soon Friend