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Nicholas Salerno III

Nicholas Salerno III is an author, certified coach, painter, and app creator. He has authored four books including two novels as well as a biography, and his work has been published in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings and Sunset. He has been featured on reality television shows including Rustic Rehab, and has worked with the producers of Everybody Loves Raymond to help produce the popular reality show Extreme Makeover.

Nicholas has a certified coaching specialty as an addiction coach, having completed training and research on addiction and drug counseling. Nicholas is passionate about helping people get free from addiction, and wrote “The Battle Plan Against Addiction” from his in-depth knowledge of addiction recovery. This book will help the loved ones of addicts better understand them, and offers a plan to help addicts get the help they need. Nicholas knows how powerless one can feel while watching a loved one battle addiction, and in “The Battle Plan Against Addiction”, he’s brought together his research as well as his coaching expertise to empower and encourage those who want to help a loved one.

Nicholas considers himself a ‘multipotentialite’ - someone who has many different creative interests and pursuits. Having grown up in Oceanside, California, Nicholas grew up at the beach and is an avid surfer. One of his primary life-long interests is karate and self-defense, and he had the honor of training under Dragan Marjanovic in Hanakido karate. Dragan is a recognized master, whose sensei was Master Han, who played Billy Jack. Nicholas has his black belt in karate. Nicholas’s creative pursuits include his work as a painting contractor, video making, and music. He’s a skilled musician, proficient on guitar, bass, drums, and - his favorite - the native Navajo flute. He also enjoys performing as a magician.

In addition to his personal interests and pursuits, Nicholas is committed to making the world around him a better place. He served as the president of the historical Honey Run Covered Bridge in his hometown, and he has worked on many environmental projects.

Nicholas currently resides in Chico, California with his family, including his wife, Angela, and his young children, Elsa and Nico. He coaches at Up Lift a Life (, his painting business is Royal Painting (, and he makes apps at