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Heather Hackett

Heather is not just an author. She is also a poet, a traveler, a photographer, a musician, a free spirit, an adventurer, a thrill seeker, a cycling nut, a wife and a mother

She has searched for meaning in our often insignificant and trivial lives across three continents, mostly in Asia, and found various forms of spiritual fulfilment, some very powerful and life-changing. She has experienced some awesome highs and some wretched lows, known scarcity and prosperity in not so equal measures, and learned how precious life really is. 

Her new book is a memoir of all her experiences, hilarious and pitiful, gained while dragging her sorry ass (and her two young kids) up and down the Himalaya, through the monsoons of Asia and along the bike paths of Europe. 

Heather currently lives in Newcastle, Australia with her partner, Iain, and best furry friend, Lea, where she writes, cycles and drinks far too much coffee.