Beyond Female Infertility


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About the author


I am an avid writer, who loves writing mainly from the point of experiences I have had over a long time.

I got married in December 2010 and myself and my wife did not have a child on time. We went for a lot of tests to ensure that non of us had any medical problems and the results were not too pleasant.

I was having issues with with my sperm count which had to be boosted medically and but my wife was generally okay but always had to use one vitamin or the other.

Long Story short, we were delighted to welcome our bundle of joy in 2016 and I decided after that time to spread the word about Infertility and associated issues such as Endometriosis, Labor, PCOS, Sex etc.

My books are concise and well delivered in simple English to ensure that everyone who reads it can understand easily and know what steps t take to correct any form of fertility problems you might be encountering.