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Bearnairdine Beaumont

After experiencing the misfortune of becoming unfit to fly and being more or less forced in to medical 'retirement',  I became involved  in scientific research for the campaign 'improve the quality of aircraft cabin air' and started to help victims to understand their ill-health. After a lot of trial and error my own health improved somewhat,  and since I came  from a medical background I decided to use the knowledge and combine it with naturopathy and qualified as a naturopath (main subjects: biofeedback, neuro-electro-anatomy, herbalism). 

In 2013 I founded the  'Aerotoxic Team' , followed by the  'Global Aerotoxic Team'  in 2014 - which are the educational website and the social media page, connected to and working with partners worldwide.  Aerotoxic Team is also an associate member of GCAQE and I have now joined forces with Capt. John Hoyte and his organisation Aerotoxic Association.

In 2015/16  I published two books in two languages, in which I talk about my 'Aerotoxic' journey. It is not only part of my story with many colourful high-lights of my flying years, it also helps understand what actually causes Aerotoxic Syndrome. I provide guidance to help with the health issues aerotoxic victims suffer from, and many tips how to regain at least some well-being, which can be a long and painful process. I am at the moment in the middle of my third book: "The Wounded Canary".

I don't only write. I love art and have dabbled in oil-painting and a lot of pencil sketches since childhood, Nowadays my art work is becoming slightly more digitial since I am often asked to help with website designs and development. Due to being bi-lingual I also do quite a bit of translation work apart from translating my own publications.

I retreated from the modern world which has become increasingly saturated with chemical fumes everywhere, which is unhelpful in the quest trying to improve some of my health, and I now live in a beautiful, very secluded area in the Swiss Alps with my little dog 'Dolly'. From here I continue to support the Aerotoxic Syndrome campaign via computer and telephone.

​I'd be delighted if you would  join my Blog to read and share articles and posts with friends and family, and of course also read an introduction to my book which can also be viewed and of course purchased worldwide on Amazon. Every sold book helps a little toward maintaining the flow of information and the campaign for better air quality in aircraft.
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