Surviving to Thriving - A Practical Guide To Help You Go From Barely Living To Living With Joy

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About the author

Jane Adams

Hey, I'm Jane x

I am a Mum of two gorgeous girls and a wife to Steve. Prior to having my children I was a careers coach. I then took time out to have my two beautiful girls and started my own business in network marketing. Through this I changed as a person, I delved deeply into personal development and learnt about the law of attraction and my confidence and my perception of myself changed.

My business grew from that passion, mixing the skills and abilities I had from being a careers coach for over fifteen years and the love that I found for self development and the ability to change the way we think and feel.

I specialise in helping people overcome their fears of living a boring life of feeling stuck and mediocre. I am here to allow you to and empower you to live and speak your truth no matter what the negative internal chatter says. My books, programmes and courses will give you the tools and the clarity to change from living in a place of ego and subconscious to one of intuition, trust and consciousness. I will help you to break through the lies holding you back.

I will teach you the importance of understanding your own mind, aligning your thoughts, speaking your truth. Loving yourself first and foremost. Simply put - doing life on your terms and not to please anyone else. All that we desire - the loving relationships, the abundance, the happiness, the choices - it’s ALL possible and it all starts within the mind.

Through the modalities I teach AND my own personal journey I have all the tools to support you and together we can create powerful transformational shifts in your world.

I myself have been at the lowest of the low places, learnt how to pick myself up again and move forward to where I am today. I want to pass on my learning experience to help you grow and evolve and change into the person I know you were born to be.

I am here to show you just what's possible when you finally choose yourself.

Love Jane x