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Subrata Dev Roy

Subrata was born and brought up in Kolkata(India). And started his carrier in Singapore in the year 1995, as a software professional he traveled to many countries. At the age of 47yrs. He achieved a 3rd-degree black belt in karate and trained many persons to learn self-defense. His eldest student was a retired bank officer who owned a Black belt at the age of 67yrs.

Also, the software training institute “BICS” was formed by him to teach financially backward pupils.

In the path of giving personal coaching to the multifarious pupil, he understood that many of them have some sort of hidden talent which is not expressed or nourished properly, apart from teaching software and martial art, he started to encourage and motivate his pupil to unfold their particular talents. Therefore someday a deep thought came into his mind, why not writing a book for those who have a tremendous talent unexplored, or got stuck in between the journey of their life.

He knows the pain of living with hidden talents, which are not explored or nourished properly, and losing their precious time. Hence this is the reason for crafting his first book “Relaunch and Touch the Sky”, published in January 2021.