Vintage Cooking From the 1800s - Eggs

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About the author

Angela Johnson

I love to read (especially mysteries), walk outdoors, take photographs, visit with friends, and learn about nature. I also enjoy reading through cookbooks and trying new foods.

I was born in Missouri, the “Show-Me” state, so although I’m open to new ideas, I’m also skeptical and don’t believe everything I read. I currently lives in South Texas and enjoy traveling in the U.S.

I became interested in cooking from a young age, first learning how to make cookies from scratch. Over the past few years, I have stopped eating processed foods and am now preparing most of my own meals. 

Whenever I travel, I check out local grocery stores to see if there are any different foods I want to try. I also enjoy eating at local family-owned restaurants.

I’ve been blogging for years, writing about my travels, observations about nature, and my childhood. But I’ve now settled on writing about foods and how they were prepared and cooked in the 1800s. I sure wouldn’t want to live in those days, but it’s interesting to learn how people cooked using only an open hearth or wood burning stove. 

I hope you enjoy reading about this time period, too.