Fight Like A Girl

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About the author

Lindsey Owens

Lindsey is the author of the erotica fiction novel In the Dark as well as The Chocolatier and the new adult novel Fated Love. She also writes werewolf books, romance genre, some teen fiction, new adult fiction, fantasy, and paranormal stories. She has many more novels to come!

She's just a girl who wants fun romance novels! Is that so much to ask? Not the same ol' same ol'? Not all love is slow and casual, some are fast paced and nearly overwhelming. Not all paranormal books have vampires! Not all stories have been told! 
Seriously!? Lindsey took it upon herself to begin her stories for her own entertainment in the beginning of early 2000. She had not struggled with finding books that captivated her, no, instead stories began to form in her head. The more she read, the more she loved to write.
Her romance stories began with her desire to write things down! More romance! More Paranormal Romance! 

She lives in the South with her husband and children where she continues to put her thoughts to paper.