Hypervisor One : A d.o.mai.n Short Story Collection

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About the author

Christopher Godsoe

Christopher Godsoe lives in central Maine with his son. He’s spent the majority of his life dreaming of the future and imagining some of the amazing gadgets and technology it will bring. 

In his early 30’s, he figured out how to add characters, drama, and plot twists to all that technology and shared what he’d done with others. Several of them enjoyed it a great deal, and that initial validation convinced him to keep writing. He primarily writes science fiction, with a focus on the philosophical implications of artificial reality, but dabbles in other genres when he feels he has something interesting to say.

He spends his free time cooking, gaming, watching movies, and coming up with excuses to not exercise. He enjoys making things with his hands, fixing things when they break, and wondering why he has extra parts left over afterwards.