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Roslyn Renwick

Roslyn is a woman who loves company, a good glass of single malt whisky, and a vigorous delve into the knotty problems our civilisation throws up.

When she went to seek work in London, she immersed herself in the lively fringe culture that it had to offer. She took part in, and organised, amateur entertainments, the subjects of which cast a critical eye on topical social issues. But she was as much intrigued by the often eccentric characters she met there, and the communities they inhabited, as their performances.

Roslyn found her interest in myths, legends and folk tales, provided her with a strong resource of understanding to draw on when faced with some of her stranger experiences.

These pastimes, together with her lifelong fascination for science fiction films and evolution, allowed her to continue to explore those childhood questions; “Where do we come from? How did we get here?”

As for Extra Terrestrials, from first understanding that the stars were like our sun, it never occurred to her to think that Earth was the only planet birthing life and civilisations.