Unexpected Chemistry

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About the author

Tessa Frank

Tessa is a writer in love with romance stories. There's always got to be a Happily Ever After.

Since she's not the fastest writer, this page is going to take some time to fill up. While Tessa can't wait to add a new story, you should probably click that Follow This Author button above. Tessa has devoted her time to growing her number of books instead of an email list.

At least that's the plan for now. Maybe once Tessa has 5-10 books published...

Fun facts about Tessa:
1. She's never stopped dreaming of the perfect college love story especially since her own were duds.
2. She writes part-time.
3. She lives in Illinois even though she hates snow.
4. The only thing Tessa hates more than snow is freezing rain -- seriously, what is with that stuff!