Not Quite Imperfect: a novel

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Irene Ayo Asuen

IRENE AYO ASUEN was born in New York City but spent her formative years in Nigeria. Not Quite Imperfect is her latest novel. Her first novel, Destiny’s Faces, an intriguing novel that explores a wide range of human emotions, is currently available on Amazon,, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords and other bookstores. Her published poems include As friends and As Lovers, My Inner Voice, Destiny’s Love, Destiny’s Anguish and Destiny’s Voices, poetry vol.1.  In addition, her book of quotes, Just My Opinion, But … will be published later this year. Irene holds degrees in Business Management and Finance, as well as professional certifications in Project Management, International Business and Teaching. She is also the recipient of two Editors’ Choice awards and a member of the Poetry Society of America. Irene believes that writing is the best vehicle for self-expression in a world where people make assumptions of other people with just one glance. She has an avid interest in traveling, architecture, photography, education, museums, t-shirt and tote designing among others.  She is currently working on a new novel, Strangely Familiar.  Irene resides in New York City.