Connecting In: Powering Up Ourselves and the Grids!

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Katie IndiCrow

My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am a gatekeeper, activator, and gridworker. I have worked with the grids for as long and in as many lives as I remember. My connection to the craft is ancient, and for this reason one of my main responsibilities is to release the codes and points of understanding necessary for their activation, alignment, and connection at this time. I carry the knowledge of the brothers and sisters, ets and lightbeings who have worked alongside of me, many who are not here at this time. It is my honour to bring this knowledge into public awareness on our behalf at this time.

As part of my work on earth, I train lightworkers, organize frequent collective activity, and share up to date ascension-based information. If you are interested in learning more, please visit my main sharing platforms IndiCrow Energetics and my learning zone, IndiCrow Energetics.

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