The Big Book of Bravery for the Cancer Survivor

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Caraleigh Carter

Hi, my name is Cara. 

I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2005, all of one year into my marriage.

I always describe it as an 'edge of life' moment. My life was completely turned on it's head and I was suddenly thrown into a world of surgery, chemo, port-a-caths and fear.

The initial stages were daunting but what I didn't realise at the time was that I was also in the starting blocks of the greatest learning of my life. Through this cancer journey I have learned about love, health, healing, bravery and finding inner peace. I have learned how to see the good in the bad and to stay steady on the inside- no matter what may be going on, on the outside. 

Am I an expert? Hell no! A second diagnosis of early stage breast cancer in 2010 threw a curveball that really knocked me off balance for a while- but at least I had already built up the tools, knowledge and awareness to get through treatment and to pick myself up again. 

I am now a wellness-practising woman. I am a work-in-progress always trying to apply what I learned on the cancer journey to all aspects of my life. Through the spreading of what I have learned I hope to maybe make a small difference on someone else's journey and pay forward all the wisdom, courage and love that were given to me on mine.