Eradicating the Beast

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About the author

Helen G Huntley

Helen spent the beginning of her writing career on the East Coast of the US writing and directing plays for different small theatrical events. She also wrote captivating short stories she would tell at fairs to small audiences, mostly wide-eyed children. Although she had made some close friendships, being a classic introvert, she found it difficult dealing with all the actors and others involved in theater.  Ideas for novels filled her mind until she finally left and moved to the West Coast and started experimenting with writing books. She loves to write complicated plots with lots of characters, adding twists and turns at every chance. She will always make sure there is at least one romance to keep the reading spicy and the temperature hot. Of course, a happy ending is a must despite what she puts her characters through. She is heard often explaining that without a happy ending everything is in vain. Novel writing is different from play writing, and she is adjusting. She doesn't lack imagination and her list of ideas for books continues to grow. Helen believes as she writes each book she increases and becomes a better writer and loves being an author and publisher on her own.