Plague 2.0 - Surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (SARS-CoV 2, COVID-19 Edition)

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About the author

Tadhg O'Flaherty

Tadhg O’Flaherty was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1977. Tadhg attended the University of Limerick as a mature student and graduated in 2013 with a B.Sc. in Computer Game Development.

As a computer whizz-kid Tadhg was naturally inept at writing until he discovered that by utilising the Law of Attraction he was able to seamlessly transition into the field and is now a full-time author with two books currently self-published on Amazon.

Tadhg’s second book “Surviving a Realistic Zombie Apocalypse” gained local notoriety within days of publishing and was featured on the front page of the Limerick Leader newspaper, which has a readership of 110,290, and also received airtime on local and national radio.