What Is The Kingdom Of Heaven Like?

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I don’t have any social media accounts. If you get a message, other than from my email adgardner321@gmail.com, saying it’s from me, it’s not me. It is fake. Please report it as fake. When I do create social media accounts, the links to my social media will all be here on this exact page you are reading right now. About me: I've experienced poverty and homelessness on few occasions, thus came to understand the plight of those in need of help or guidance. So many programs out there do help the homeless to a certain degree. Some programs are useless because they don’t reach the people. They expect the people to look for them. Or maybe they expect people with social disabilities to do something they don’t understand how to do. I didn’t speak to anyone other than my parents or very close family, until I was halfway through first grade. I have always been terrified of social interaction. I didn’t know until recently that I’ve been struggling with autism my entire life. It wasn’t a thing back when I was a kid. I was just the weird hermit girl that was too scared to talk. I remember being on the school bus and the driver forgot to drop me off at my house. I was supposed to be dropped off first, but when she had dropped off all the kids, she noticed I was sitting in my seat all red faced with tears pouring out of my eyes. I was too afraid to talk to let her know she forgot me. That is because I was autistic. But who knew?  I just had a weird social disability that no one understood until recent years. I still struggle with adult autism, so please don’t ask me for any book signings that involve being in the public. Back to the point I was making earlier: These programs that try to help people get jobs to get out of poverty are useless to people with autism, or any disabilities actually. But almost everyone is capable of growing their own food if they have the resources to do so. We need to all become self-sustainable. I don’t mean money-wise. I mean we all need the right and the freedom to grow our own food, enough food to support our families. I imagine sky-scraper apartments with windows being replaced with solar panels, and every third floor is for two floors to grow food with plant lights. I have many ideas for solving the food stamp and money problems. Too many to discuss here. Anyone interested in helping me fix these issues, please email me at adgardner321@gmail.com