Beyond the Floathouse: Gunhild’s Granddaughter

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Myrtle Siebert

Myrtle grew up in a floathouse in Port Neville inlet on the remote BC coast. All mail and supplies arrived every two weeks, via the Union Steamships, school was by correspondence, taught by mothers, transportation was by boat. At 9 years of age she entered a one-room school at Rock Bay, and then high school in Campbell River, where she was a boarder/babysitter in different homes each year.

She credits a high school principal, a very lucky break, and a 5-year industry scholarship, for opening the way to UBC enrollment, age 16. This logger’s daughter found a career beyond the expected marriage and motherhood. Her home economics degree opened doors to a variety of careers: teacher, business owner, home builder and decorator, and now gardener, mother and grandmother. 

Myrtle honed leadership skills through volunteering, begun within CFUW Nanaimo, and currently with CFUW Victoria and CFUW Saanich Peninsula. With so much gained from that one scholarship, we can understand her passion for volunteer fundraising in aid of higher education.

In 1992 she joined ITC, now POWERtalk International, and has advanced in her membership up to level 4, Accomplished Communicator. 

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