10 Nice Mind Tricks To Allow More Money Into Your Life: A Paradigm Shift To Coming Home

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About the author

Olga Farber

Olga Farber is an author of very practical self-help guides. They are easy to read, easy to implement, and yet, have a powerful effect on improving life quality, day by day by day by day by day. :)

Her tools are soft and subtle, and effective.

Being an intuitive consultant and a coach, first never-endingly to herself, and then to her clients, she has a constantly updated pool of light-weight, feeling good exercises and simple mind tricks, that help one improve the mood right in the moment and improve the vibration to live a better-feeling life in more general.

She loves people, and it shows.

Let her love flow on you, too: choose the books she wrote for you, and delight in them.

Happy reading! :)