Howl at the Moon

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About the author

Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson (Author JFF)  lives in Michigan where she does all the things writing. She is busy doing academic endeavors when she would rather be writing all about her characters and their many adventures. She spends her free time being a fabulous crazy mom to two dynamic boys and staff member to four highly demanding cats. She is blessed to have friends who support her with her endeavors.

Jennifer enjoys writing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, speculative fiction and exploring all the questions starting “What if…” which allows her mind to make the mundane much more exciting. She is excitedly expanding her ever developing world and looks forward to the new adventures waiting to be written. 

Jennifer facilitates a high energy writing group that explores peer editing and book coaching/ developmental editing on the side. With experience in teaching face to face, hybrid and online courses, she continues to push for more exciting ways to engage people in their writing.

The story on how I started:

You know when you have that imagining of being someone else? Yes- I’ve been doing that since I was 3. 

I have always loved reading and speculative fiction was what hooked me and kept me close.  I had the great opportunity to interview some awesome women when I wrote my Master's thesis and with some great encouragement I decided to jump that hurdle and get these ideas roaming in my head on paper.

So I am very excited!  I love my characters and their families and I can't wait to share them with everyone. They are so living and breathing to me that I want others to go through their journey- probably shake your heads a few time- and come out on the other side wanting to know more.

This had been such a labor of love that I want people to read and talk about it and even better- argue about it!  Once you have a copy, stop by the blog site and engage in conversation.