A Shot at Living

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Lou Sylvre

Lou Sylvre loves stories and likes to conjure them into books. When the stories are about love, the sweethearts on her pages are most often men who end up loving each other and likely saving each other from unspeakable danger. As if you'd want to know more, she'll happily tell you that she is a proudly bisexual woman--a mother, grandmother, and cat-herder (with a dog). Her love of languages is no doubt a result of her interestingly mixed up heritage. Her over-the-top love of her rainbow-colored demi-tasse set cannot be adequately explained. She also loves music, coffee, chocolate, and wild roses. As a writer, she works closely with lead cat assistant, Boudreau St. Clair. She lives in the lush, rainy part of the Pacific Northwest, and hearing from a reader unfailingly brightens the dismal weather. Her email is louwrites@rainbow-gate.com.

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Books by Lou Sylvre    

*VASQUEZ AND JAMES SERIES Suspense/Romance from Changeling Press

Volume One: When badass meets artist, sparks and bullets fly. Blazing romance, chilling suspense, enduring love... Loving Luki Vasquez; Delsyn’s Blues; Finding Jackie

Volume Two: For badass Luki and artist Sonny, troubles strike, romance sizzles, love endures, a family is made. Saving Sonny James; Yes (a novella); Because of Jade

*VASQUEZ INC SERIES Suspense/Romance from Changeling Press More in the Vasquez Universe: Gay American Dom with a fabulous sub juggles romance and bondage with Scotland Yard police work.

A Shot of J&B A Shot of Fear; A Shot at Living: A Shot at Perfect: A Shot of Trust: A Shot of Courage: A Shot in Darkness 

Falling Snow on Snow—Contemporary, holiday; The Holiday Home Hotel—Contemporary Magical Fantasy    

Old Bones, Secret Rain (15-minute short read) ; The Demon Tamuel: A More Beautiful Monster (45-minute short read)

By Lou Sylvre and Anne Barwell Sunset at Pencarrow—Contemporary New Zealand;  The Harp and the Sea—Fantasy Historical Scotland