Transformed for Mother's Day Too

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Eric Filler

Eric Filler is a hard man to find. He's always traveling from one place to the next, rarely spending more than a week in one place. He has stayed in his share of seedy motels and visited his share of dive bars. During his travels, he writes. He would be the first to acknowledge his initial attempt, a romance called A Light From the Darkness, is not his best. Later he tried his hand at science fiction with the First Contact trilogy: First Contact, The Savior, and The Final Battle along with the novella Waking Prometheus. Ultimately he was drawn to gender swap erotica with the Transformed series that is now over 25 books. He has also written a number of age regression books like I've Become a Little Girl: 10 Tales of Age Regression. To contact Eric, email and he'll try to get back to you when he can.