Despite The Odds

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Gustaf Berger

I was born during WWII on the day the Japanese launched the first of their Kamikaze attacks on American warships.

By the time I was 44, I had two failed marriages, two distressed children, numerous affairs, failed business relationships, and virtually no friends. I’d been kicked out of graduate school, fired from nine jobs, had gone through an addictive gambling phase, smoked marijuana all day, paid off buyers, policemen and insurance companies, never declared cash income on my taxes, and was heading toward my first bankruptcy. It got worse.

I grew beyond those youthful experiences, ran my own mail order business, and moved from New York City to Boston 20 years ago.

This is the most satisfying time in my life. My writing life. Six of my short stories have been published by literary journals. Death Postponed, my first novel will be released in Jan. More novels in the works.