Life in Our Black Skin: Why Racism Prevails in America

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Darryl Smith Jr.

AMERICA’S LONG, DEEP-ROOTED problem will continue to grow if we continue to keep feeding it.
While the days of slavery are over, racism still remains in more prevalent forms—from police brutality to workplace discrimination to stereotyping to institutional prejudice.
It’s time for Americans to stop being blind to their own ways and to become better citizens toward one another in order to defeat racism.
Author Darryl Smith Jr. challenges readers to step out of their clouded judgment so they can notice certain behaviors in the black community that needs to change, have stronger relationships within communities, and to improve the training of our police force.
We need to start a dialogue about racism so we can finally heal as a nation.
Through extended research, modern-day examples of oppression, and real-life stories from victims of racism, Life in Our Black Skin paints an unbiased perspective on racial tension in America.