How to Become a Lady


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About the author


Eglė Zakaraitė is an original writer from Lithuania that has also led numerous projects. After graduating with a diploma in Social Pedagogy and Public Administration, she is currently deepening her knowledge in Psychology. She is a lecturer of harmonious life, inspiring people to reach for perfection. 

The author has more than 67 000 followers of her How to Become a Lady Facebook page, more than 15 000 members in a closed women's group and more than 27 00 followers on Instagram. 

Eglė published her series on How to Become a Lady on her own. Therefore, she is well aware that the success and popularity of these books in Lithuania depended not only on the intriguing and modern plot, but also a good marketing plan and unfailing belief in her work. Currently How to Become a Lady has been sold in than 10 000 copies.