Destiny is in your hands.: A fable of choosing your dreams over reality...

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About the author

Gaurav Garg

​​​​​​​Gaurav Garg was born in Sonipat, Haryana in September 1999, the son of Mukesh Garg, a business man and his wife Poonam Garg, a homemaker. He is currently in third year of his studies in college. He studies Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) in University of Delhi.
Early on, Gaurav had problems in his studies. He was unable to concentrate on them or any of the important things in life. His life changed when we shifted to Delhi, the capital state of India, with his family in 2012. Being away from the people he loved made him realise the hard truths of life. He gives his friends and family all the credit for taking care of him at that time.
During his college life, he realised that life is a lot more than just caring for ourselves. He started donating frequently for the society and animals. Gaurav has always been a nonconformist and a seeker of the new. He tries to know the depth of everything.
He has a soft spot for love in his heart. He loves to see people happy and laughing. He admires woman and respects them beyond words. He has been a writer since forever, but he never really shared his writing with public. He started writing his first book at the age of 20 years, in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic.
He has a lot of blogs on Instagram which are liked by many people. They have been shared anonymously, as he was not ready to be discovered yet. He wishes to work for the society and his family for his entire life, that’s what his friends speak of him. He is a man of honour and his words. He never cared for his reputation. When people ask him about his reputation in front of people, he quotes William Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”. He takes his ethics and values very carefully and always offer more than life in his writing.